We work
in  B2B segment

Provide customers with professional services in terms of system integration and software development


Our vision

Mission: To help companies in business development by creating simple but effective IT solutions.

We implement software solutions of any complexity — considering the individual needs of customers. Our main value is the team and our competence. Our team exceeds expectations, and the results of work meet modern requirements and accurately solve customer problems. We implement software solutions of any complexity — taking into account the individual needs of customers.


We have been solving business problems using digital technologies for 11 years

  • 2022

    We launched in-house products on the market: flexiflow platform for highload applications and the PiOne pre-billing system.

  • 2021

    Created a mobile development team for iOS and Android. Our own mobile application ProChek has been released. With its help, you can carry out a detailed analysis of electronic checks: distribute them by categories, between contacts, group and upload them for reporting to accounting or tax.

  • 2020

    Our team includes 200+ engineers. We have reached the full cycle of working with projects and continue to build up our partner network. We are expanding the interaction with our customers. Expanded the office in Nizhny Novgorod.

  • 2017

    We started working with GNIVC on the projects of NPD NALOG (Self-Employed) and MDLP CRPT.

  • 2015

    Key customers appeared: DigitalRoute AB, MTS PJSC, MGTS PJSC, Rostelecom PJSC.

  • 2014

    Two directions had been fully formed: «Integration» led by Anton Malyshev and «SOFTWARE Development» led by Alexander Bondin.

  • 2013

    We began to form the RnD team and develop Software development departments. The company participated in the projects of MTS PJSC and entered into a partnership agreement with DigitalRoute AB (Sweden).

  • 2011

    In 2011 Sergey Smirnov and Alexey Shchepetkov founded the company. The first customer of MGTS PJSC appeared.

Aleksey Schepetkov

STM Labs has been in the IT solutions market since before it became so developed. We grew up with him — by trial and error, gaining experience and expanding our competencies.

Now we offer all the accumulated expertise to our customers: we find the optimal solution with each specific customer, build an effective system of work, fulfill the promise just in time.

Aleksey Schepetkov Commercial Director

Our people

  • Ilya Zhuykov

    Ilya Zhuykov


  • Sergey Smirnov

    Sergey Smirnov


  • Aleksey Schepetkov

    Aleksey Schepetkov

    Commercial Director

  • Andrey Komiagin

    Andrey Komiagin


  • Alexander Bondin

    Alexander Bondin

    Head of Development

  • Konstantin Popkov

    Konstantin Popkov

    Head of Services

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