STM Labs — your reliable partner in the World of Development

We can do everything: from design and creation of high-load systems to integration and apps


We provide professional services in the field of system integration and software development

  • High-load systems development

    We create scalable systems for working with huge amounts of data.

    Our solutions are based on open-source software: ClickHouse Inc., Mongo, Kafka. Redis, Python.

    We use our in-house solution — flexiflow, which accelerates high-load Big Data applications.

  • Creating business portals

    We develop systems for companies that combine many interactive services.

    We will manage the whole cycle: conceptual design, development, analytics, manual and automated testing, stress testing, and documentation.

  • Development of fiscal data processing systems

    We implement and support projects related to the processing of big data on purchases.

    We have extensive of interaction with state fiscal systems and operators of fiscal data. We have deep expertise in terms of regulatory and legal acts.

  • Comprehensive stress testing

    We evaluate the security, health, performance, and effectiveness of your product in different conditions.

    In our work we use Yandex Tank, Yandex.OverLoad, Locust and JMeter. For monitoring we use such utilities as Grafana, Perfmon and Linux Performance.

  • Developing mobile apps of any complexity

    Our team has expertise in native development for the latest versions of Android/iOS mobile operating. We have experience in bringing apps to RuStore, Google playmarket and AppStore.

    Developed and brought to market our in-house application ProCheck. This is a service for a detailed purchases’ analysis using AI.

  • Data science and cluster analysis

    We build efficient calculations on databases up to 400 TB.

    Create data clustering systems. We have expertise in the Hadoop stack.

  • Software development for bootstrap and industrial strength platform

    We are implementing software deployment for BMC controllers.
  • Augmenting your team

    We assemble multi-skilled scrum teams based on your requirements.

    We develop your product, immersing ourselves workflow and exclusively support your project.

Technology stack

We select optimal tools for each project — corresponding to the tasks, project conditions and modern requirements.

Therefore, the result of our work is always unique and maximally effective solutions to specific tasks.

  • react
  • vue
  • angular
  • nginx
  • nodejs
  • mongodb
  • postgresql
  • rxjs
  • redis
  • clickhouse
  • hadoop
  • kafka
  • hbase
  • swagger
  • cassandra
  • spring
  • ignite
  • hibernate
  • phoenix

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How we work

The development of digital technologies is a chance to fulfill the most ambitious plans to capture leadership in the market.

We help companies to use digital opportunities competently and grow their business.

  • Adapt to the customer

    We are ready to work with any methodology, format, and budget

  • Use innovation technologies

    C/C++, Python, JS, Java, BigData — we are at the center of advanced digitalization technologies

  • Apply a systematic approach

    We completely take on the tasks of the customer: integrate the project into an existing system or build processes from scratch

  • Always available

    We guarantee continuous availability of our services and readiness to interact with the customer 24/7

  • Adhere to timescales

    Thanks to our experience, we accurately calculate the time for development, so we complete your projects on time