The development
of the company is in development of our employees

We are paid not for the code,
but for the result, that can be achieved
only thanks to the work of the team.


STM Labs operates in the B2B segment and provides customers with professional services in terms of system integration and software development. We work on budget and on time. Reliably create, implement and launch project activities.

What can we provide?

With us, companies become technological. STM labs provides «a must have» for any business — solutions for managing key business processes and client-oriented services.

  • IT Product

    End-to-end IT Product Development Business portals, Big Data class systems, high-load systems, high-speed modules.

  • Comprehensive stress testing

    Comprehensive stress testing of your product. Assessment of its security, operability, and performance level.

  • Team

    Strengthen your team. We provide IT specialists for your purposes.

We are trusted by

Systematic approach

In the world of digital technologies cyclic development, you can fulfill the most ambitious plans to capture leadership in the market. And you only need a systematic approach based on the key principles of work.

  • Flexibility

    We build processes where there are not, adjust to where they are.

  • Adaptability

    We are ready to work with any methodology, format, and budget.

  • Innovation

    C / C++, Python, JS, Java, BigData — we are at the center of advanced digitalization technologies.

  • Involvement

    We guarantee continuous availability of our services and readiness to interact with the customer 24/7.

  • Speed

    We complete your projects on time.