flexiflow — accelerate high-load Big Data application development

flexiflow is a proven and tested basis for real-world projects

flexiflow lets you

rapidly create a system capable of processing huge amounts of data daily, with business logic and conceptual architecture that are implementation agnostic.

You can use flexiflow to build a wide range of products, from marketplaces and portals to inventory management and high-demand mobile apps.

Fast-track from project idea
to the final application

  • Get results early

    flexiflow is a comprehensive framework, with ready-made solutions for:

    • optimized collection, storage, and processing of large amounts of data (Big Data)
    • building a business model and describing the business process logic
    • user registration, authentication, and authorization
    • external master data systems integration
    • external analytics and monitoring tools integration
    • and much more.

    flexiflow helps you speed up development, standardize code, and ensure reliability with proven solutions based on the latest IT trends.

  • Efficient scaling

    The amounts and diversity of data processed by high-load applications are truly astonishing, and they are growing exponentially each day.

    At its core, flexiflow has a distributed storage where data is secured and partitioned optimally between compute hosts, while processing is done without performance degradation.Swift processing is ensured for both structured and unstructured, as well as multi-dimensional and multi-class data.

    The system maintains high availability, supporting unlimited scale-out for any amounts of data, level of demand, and task placement strategy. For outdated data, archiving capabilities are available.

  • Out-of-the-Box support for multiple external data sources

    A high-load application often has to receive data from multiple external sources. flexiflow provides native solutions for communicating with ERPs, billing systems, government regulatory references (including the Unified System for Interagency Electronic Interaction ’SMEV’), as well as various customer’s data banks and systems.
  • Use analytics for practical goals

    flexiflow gives you all the tools not just for storage and exchange of the collected Big Data, but also for efficient data analysis.

    flexiflow can be used as a data source for analytical and statistical reports, real-time and historic data monitoring, dashboards, and more.

    Support for popular open source analytics solutions includes:
    • JasperReports
    • Tableau
    • Tabix
    • etc.

    Right out of the box, you can build analytics slices from live data in a separate OLAP database, which can then be used to build views, aggregations, charts, etc.

    If you have your own existing analytics system, flexiflow supports integration via API or through migrating data to your analytics database.

Platform features

For developers

  • flexiflow is a basis for building high-load Big Data-class systems.
  • supports Python, JavaScript and other programming languages.
  • create storage using popular databases like MongoDb, HBase, Clickhouse, and PostgreSQL.

Native modules for:

  • registration
  • authorization (support for enhanced qualified electronic signature)
  • business logic (including business process graph model based on finite states)
  • regulatory data storage and management

Out-of-the-box communication with:

  • The Unified System for Interagency Electronic Interaction ’SMEV’
  • The Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL), the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (EGRIP) — both via Kontur Focus or SMEV, and the Register of Accredited Branches and Representative Offices (RAFP)
  • Federal Information Address System (FIAS)
  • Billing systems and payment gateways
  • Analytics systems (including custom systems)
  • Customer’s existing systems (via REST API)

For business users

  • level-based data access segmentation
  • easy-to-use workspace with customized UI
  • a turnkey solution for business process description
  • integration with existing information systems (via REST API)
  • well-tested compatibility with government information systems
  • payment processing and gateway management
  • fast and responsive system
  • monitoring and reporting for quick visualization of vast data
  • flexiflow is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases

For Administrators

  • kubernetes support
  • speedy deployment and updates
  • open source monitoring systems integration (Prometheus, Grafana, Graylog)
  • support for zero-code scaling and customization